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sábado, 9 de febrero de 2008

Magnyfing Glass II

It was at 4:10am when the magnifying glass briefly spoke to me again. "Keep looking,” it sighed. "I’ll help. That’s why I’m a magnifying glass.”

Two hours later, thrown diagonally across the queen-sized bed, I opened my eyes. It is in this state between sleep and intermittent reality that hidden truths usually manifest themselves.
Sure enough, at 6am the Greek monument has taken on another meaning: the deep, dark pull of desire draws me in to the enticing, forbidden place in which, magnifying glass in hand, I try to plumb the secrets of the Parthenon.

…you can see me going on and on circling and circling tensely about the temple’s entrails: which are deep, and dark, and always endlessly exciting.

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