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miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2007


When I got into the room where I was going to be touched for two hours and half, I felt the warmth and the soft lights of some candles. The zen music filled the air and some oils and a few white towels were deliciously waiting for me.
The ambiguity of a massage is that you never know what parts and until where you are going to be touched. Somebody will caress you for a while, so we can come back to our daily activities much more relaxed.
“Face down and take your clothes off”, indicated "J" to me. I was born to obey, but only in what is convenient to me. That comes from the Latin-American background and from the wisdom of intimate secret of pleasure.
"J" started his work from down up and from one side to another, in diagonals, in pieces, in little squares. For every millimeter of my body he spread the most luscious oil with his efficient and firm hands.
I was quietly smiling. He was not completely inappropriate and there is where the ambiguity relies.
After 20 minutes, I was completely relax and let myself into the enjoyment of pleasure. I was always a very good recipient of massages and “J” noticed this personal quality of mine and he put more dedication in his performance.
After an hour of intense relaxation, "J" whispered “Now you need to turn around”, and again, I obeyed.
The place was almost dark with the exception of the gentle light from the candles. He covered my eyes with a small towel and he touched my whole front part of my body with a feather. Then, he started to massage my feet with perfect intensity, then he began going up along my legs and dedicated another half hour. It felt great!
I knew that he was enjoying his work as well. Somebody who loves his job, it is hard to find!
Arms, hands, butt, toes, elbows, dreams, back, ideas, everything was touched in the most perfect way of my warm oily body rubbed for the most generous hands of the best artisan.
He didn’t speak, me either, and that was even better.

I went back, and I will keep coming back to “J”, artist, generous man, and a poet of hands and skin.

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