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viernes, 15 de febrero de 2008


The boat arrived in Puerto Blest, and it was January again. I remembered I was wearing a long cotton skirt and a linen shirt. Everything was white.
It was one of those days that a woman knows that natural beauty is at your side.
I wanted to be alone.
I got into the forest of Puerto Blest and I let myself get lost walking through millenarian trees for hours. The humidity concentrated in that gorgeous latinoamerican forest provides the best atmospherics conditions for andinos elves, the ones that were imperceptibly flying in front of me.
Coming back, I barely noticed the presence of some people. Loneliness had been capturing me those days. My external perception was left at the port before leaving Llao-Llao.
The silence was all mine.

However, somebody looked at me. Somebody…

I got back in the boat toward Llao-Llao. The sun was offering me the best shinning hair that ever gave to me and the sense of comfort under my skin did the rest, and didn’t do anything...

He looked at me, the same someone than before, I guess. He sat in front of me, He said a few things that I didn’t listen. Enjoying silence, I didn’t say a word, but I looked back at him and that was more dangerous. Whatever, I tried to say to him he listened it from my eyes and from a timid smile. The skin with the natural color of the sunset, pine trees, and humidity…

We slept together in the km. 19 of Laguna El Trebol that night of shinning hairs, delicious hands, and lips full of present love.
I kept silence for another two days.

What would have been of the man to whom I looked that day?

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